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Searching for Freight

To search for Freight / Cargo advertisement listings of interest, we suggest visit our 'Search our Listings' page, where you can see every listing on offer.

Within the Search our Listings page, you can "Search" by entering a single search function; 'Pickup From', or 'Delivery To' destination (Suburb or Postcode, and ultimately State) or you can enter both desired locations. You also have the ability to "Filter" listings to show NEW and EXPIRING soon Advertisements.

Alternatively, each column of information shown in the listing summary can be "Sorted" Up or Down accordingly by Date, Alphabetical Order or Lowest to Highest Price.

Please Note:
- You do not need to be a registered user of the LoadBid website to search the listing summary page, however, you will need to Register or Log In to place a bid on an Ad of interest.

For more information on Bidding on Ads of Interest, please Click Here.

Should you have any questions, or require some help, please take a look at our:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or General Help topics.