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Advice For Advertisers
Before you place an Ad

A little about LoadBid's fee structure, there isn't any!  LoadBid is a FREE advertising service; No Fee to register or place (submit) an Ad.
The Bid amount you see for your Ad will become the price that you agree to pay (as the Service Recipient) to the successful Bidder (as the Service Provider) at the completion of the listing, as indicated in the LoadBid Terms & Conditions - User Agreement that you agree to when you register.
LoadBid suggest that upon completion of the listing, you contact the winning Bidder to negotiate and agree to an appropriate set of terms to transport and pay for the completed transaction, prior to any transportation of the freight occurring! LoadBid remain a neutral 3rd party, and do not get involved with any part of the specifics relating to service or payment terms for any listing. 

Please Note:
- Once a listing has ended, you will be emailed the sinning Bidders contact details.
- Load Bid highly recommend that a written and signed agreement be entered into prior to any transportation of freight take place!

For more information on how to Place an Ad, please Click Here.

Listing your freight / cargo
To get the best results from your FREE Ad, we suggest you take he following steps;
- Provide a full and accurate description of the item/s requiring transportation.
- Where possible, include a clear photo of the freight, this helps the prospective transporter better evaluate what service they may offer.
- Set the starting price at a reasonable, realistic figure that you would be happy to pay for your freight to be transported!
  Remember, this is a Dutch Auction, so any bid will be for a lower amount (decreasing by $5 minimum each bid),
  and you do after all want your freight to be moved.

For more information on Bidding on Ads of Interest, please Click Here.

At the completion of a successful listing

LoadBid suggest that when dealing with the winning Bidder (Service Provider), be polite, patient and understanding to their needs, it may be their first time using LoadBid.

Confirm payment and transportation terms with the Service Provider as soon as possible, either by agreeing to their terms, or part paying an Invoice, or even by email. Be sure to list in details any special terms to complete the transaction effectively and to your requirements.
Once the terms have been agreed to by both parties, and the transportation has been completed as outlined, please promptly pay the Service Provider.

Please Note:
Although LoadBid remain neutral in the actual service and payment transaction, and retain the right to remove and block a registered user from placing Ads in the future.

Additional Information
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I have had no contact the winning bidder, what should I do?
I placed an Ad for a job that I no longer want advertised, how can I remove it?

Should you have any questions, or require some help, please take a look at our:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or General Help topics.