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Account Activation

The final stage of the registration process will see you receive an account activation email with the subject: 'LoadBid Account Activation', this will be sent to your registered email address from LoadBid (email address; do-not-reply@loadbid.com.au).

You are required to select (click) the verification link text inside the email to complete the registration process and to activate and enable use of your account. Your account will now be verified, and you can start to place bids on listings of interest or place your own ads for items requiring freight.

Should you not receive an account activation email from us within 5 minutes, we suggest you check your junk mail folder and also adjust your email settings to have an email that ends in; @loadbid.com.au is added to your safe list.
If you do not receive an account activation email after checking your junk mail folder and amending your safe sender list, please Click Here and enter your email and password, you will then be able to select (click) the 'Resend Account Validation Email' button and the account activation email will be resent.

Should you have any questions, or require some help, please take a look at our:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or General Help topics.

If you are still experiencing problems receiving an account activation having attempted all of the above, please Click Here to send us a message.